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Center for Immigrant Representation

Our Services


The Center provides high quality, low cost immigration legal services to assist our clients in obtaining the best possible outcome in their cases. As a first step, we offer a thorough consultation to fully assess all aspect of the client’s immigration history, options for obtaining status, and to address client questions or concerns. After the consultation, we work closely with each client to explain what options are available, what the process will entail and how we can assist and support the client throughout our legal representation.

Below you will find descriptions of some of the services we provide. Contact our office for further information about your particular needs.


The Center represents clients on a variety of legal matters related to applications for citizenship, including complex cases which may require FOIA records requests for a review of a client’s immigration history, careful analysis of criminal history, N-648 requests for a disability exception to testing, and more. We represent clients on N-400 Applications for Naturalization, as well as N-600 Applications for Certificate of Citizenship.

legal permanent residence

The Center offers comprehensive services to help our clients and their relatives obtain legal permanent residence through a variety of ways, including I-130 family petitions, I-485 adjustment of status and consular processing. We thoughtfully research each case to determine whether any waivers are required and walk our clients through the process.

removal defense

Immigrants who have been placed in immigration court proceedings require high quality representation to navigate the often overwhelming court process. The Center offers a flat fee for removal defense, regardless of the length and complexity of the case.


Some clients are eligible to apply for asylum affirmatively, meaning outside of immigration court proceedings, while others apply defensively, within the context of immigration court. The Center offers representation in both scenarios. In each case, we carry out expert legal research and work closely with our clients to develop legal strategies and theories to maximize the client’s chances for a successful outcome. We provide a realistic analysis of each case and explain all potential options and outcomes.

SIJS, U VISAS, VAWA, and other humanitarian relief

Immigrants under 21 who have been abused, neglected or abandoned by one or both parents may be eligible for a form of immigration relief called Special Immigrant Juvenile Status, or “SIJS” for short. This process usually requires filing a petition with the New Jersey family court and then filing applications with immigration. The Center provides expert representation on this complicated form of immigration relief, which involves both state law and immigration law. The Center also represents clients on other humanitarian relief, such as: VAWA for victims of domestic abuse, U Visa for victims of certain crimes, T Visa for victims of human trafficking, and more.

document renewals & MORE

The Center offers legal assistance on a number of document renewals, such as green cards and work permit renewals. We also work with clients on a variety of other matters, like applications for travel documents, responses to Requests for Evidence and more.

Contact our office for further information about our services.