Center for Immigrant Representation

Payment Terms & Conditions


Consult Fees:

  • Consult fees are paid at the time of service and are non-refundable.

Payment Plans for Legal Services:

  • Payment plans are available for clients who retain the Center for legal services which cost over $500. 

  • Payment plans will be arranged between client and attorney/legal representative and will be documented in the Client Retainer Agreement.

Payment Due Date:

  • The first payment on a new Client Retainer Agreement is made on the date of the agreement.  Future payment which are made as part of a payment plan are due on the 5th of each month listed on the payment plan.

Late Fees: 

  • Monthly payments received after the 5th will incur a late fee of $10.


  • If client chooses to terminate the Agreement with the Center, no refunds will be provided for work that has already been performed.  A refund will be provided for any portion of the legal services that have not been completed by the Center.